Hype GlobalBehavior

In Hype every symbol, button or timeline can listen and broadcast Custom Behavior. It's much like priming a bunch of kids to listen to the word stop and to tell them to stop dancing when they hear it. This is a decentralized way to trigger actions as the broadcaster (such as a button) doesn't have to know which symbols or timelines are listening and vice versa the listener don't need to know who is sending. They just react and do their bidding.

A while back I wanted to explain Custom Behavior along the lines of Twitter. In this analogy every Custom Behavior is a "tweet". In Twitter you just talk into an empty room and other people listen to all the chatter and filter it based on mentions (@username) and topics (#hashtags). I think this analogy is very powerful and I wanted to take it a step further as one could argue that in a multi Hype-Widget enviroment every widget is a participant and could send messages across the whole HTML-Page rather than only inside a single Hype-Widget.

To create this distributed enviroment I came up with the following twitter similar rules:

The current Version of GlobalBehavior can be downloaded here: